Monday, January 31, 2011



Soo i didnt do much today and there isnt much to talk to about soo im going to go straight to the next bit. Instead of doing a quote or song lyrics or lines from a book im going to a book review.

Im Going to a review on the Evernight series. I just finished the last book thats out and i was pleased. First i'll talk about the first book Evernight. So this book starts out with a normal girl, Bianca attending a strange school called Evernight Academy. She meets a normal guy, Lucas who doesnt seem he should go to this school and they eventually get along until he finds out she is a "Vampire". But he looks past that and they fall in love (ofcourse). At the end of the book it turns out that Lucas is part of an organization called Black Cross is which a vampire hunters group and he leaves the Academy.
In the next book, Stargazer, Bianca is still at the school but she keeps getting haunted by wraiths, or ghost. These wraithst are meant to be afraid of vampires but wherever Bianca is they always interrupt something good happening to her.
When bianca is out one day meeting up with Lucas another vampire comes along which turns out to be her friend Balthazar's sister. Bianca tells him about this vampire and thats when they realise it is his sister and he comes up with the plan for Bianca and him to pretend to be together so he can take her off campus to look for his sister and she can meet up with Lucas. On one of the outings Bianca and Lucas split up until Blathazar's sister sets up the Black Cross and they come to burn down the school which is the only thing that can really kill a vampire. Lucas saves Bianca and takes her to the Black Cross where no one in the group knows shes a vampire.

In the third book Bianca is hanging and traning with the Black Cross until one of their friends finds out she is a vampire and they banish her and Lucas from the group and they set out on their own trying to get money then they meet up with an old friend Vic from Evernight who lets them use his basement while they are on holiday. A few weeks before they left Bianca started to get dizzy spells and sharp pains in her stomache and fainting alot. They suspect she was pregnant but turns out she wasnt and im not going to say what happens ;) haha. So all in all it was a good book series and very unexpecting at the end. But i would suggest it to people to read :)...If i had more people other than my cousin and her friend -.- thank you :) but still FOLLOW ME OR GET PEOPLE TO FOLLOW ME! haha kk gunna add an edit then go :)
So these are done on GIMP. I think theyre cute :)

KK so im going to go now byeeee :) xx

Sunday, January 30, 2011


Heellooo :)

Soo as of today I'm going to be using the same colour writing for each paragraph. I cant be bothered to find diff colours anymore. But i didnt do much today. Was meant to go to the beach but i was feeling sick when i woke up and was soo tired that i stayed home. Then got woken up twice. once at 9 and then again at 2:30 But i actually got up at 2:30 to go shopping with mummy. and i havnt been ding much since just watching tv and reading i guess.. So i will go onto quotes now :)

I'm going to take quotes from an episode of Two and a half men. Jake has snuck out and Charlie is drunk on the front porch and cant get it cause hes stupid haha. Im just going to do the whole scene from when Jake gets home. :)    Charlie: Heeeey Look whose here!  Jake: Shhh. Keep it down! Charlie:  Right, We don't want to wake me... Jake: What are you doing sitting out here? Charlie: I can't stand up.. Don't make a thing out of it...What are you doing?   Jake:  I snuck out to see a concert.. Charlie: No way! That is soo cool *Charlie stands up* Ok, Third times the charm. Hey you wanna know what else is cool *starts rattling coins in his pocket and sings a christmas carol*  Jake: Shh  Charlie: "Hey im caroling here, You should be bringing me cocoa and gingerbread  Jake: Cocoa and ginger bread?  Charlie: Yeah....Where were we? Jake:  My dad doesnt know i went out so now i need to sneak back in Charlie:  Oh..well then you certainly dont wanna go through.. this door!" Jake: "Why not?"   Charlie: "Why not? I'll tell you why not............What? Jake: WHy nott?  Charlie:WHy not what?  Jake: Why cant i go through that door?  Charlie: Oh. well why didnt you say so? If i know youre dad..and sadly i do,  He is sitting in there right now just waiting to tie you to a rock and throw you in the ocean.  Jake: What?  Charlie: Sorry, I may have put the idea in his head...Follow me.  Jake: Where are we going? Charlie: Hey, Ill answer the questions....Where are we going? *Charlie jumps through a window then helps jake through.* Charlie: I'm okay  Jake: Thats great but your sitting on my head. *door opens and light turns on and Allan is in the doorway*  Allan: Do you have any idea how much trouble you're in?  Charlie: No i do not. Do you have any idea how beautiful you look in that light?  Allan: Im not talking to you.  Charlie: Yeah well im not talking to you either. Except for right now. This is me talking to you. But no longer. *does poppy noise with his mouth and finger*  Allan: Would you please just.. go to sleep!   Charlie: Okie dokie *grabs pillow and lies on the floor.*   Allan: You and I have some talking to do  *charlie pops back up* Charlie: Will you make up your fricken mind!
Haha i especially love the bit when Allan comes in. haha well anyway i had better go and i wont be leaving an edit today this is already long enough hahaha. sooo Bye everyonee! xx

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cleaning, Cleaning, Cleaning

Hello everyone.

My blog is a bit late today but ah well. So today i kept getting woken up then couldnt get back to sleep after 12 even though i didnt go to bed till atleast 7:30 -.- But i had dancing registration so people were annoying me telling me things and asking m things but ah well im still alive. So for dancing i am now doing Jazz, Acrobats, Contortion, Stretching, Ballet aaand hip hop. I wnated to do musical theatre but it was on a diff day and my mums a pain haha. So then after that we went to the aquarium to get my mum some new fishies and we jus did a lil sopping around in the warehouse (cheapo shop for those who dont know) and now i am cleaning out my whole room so under my bed my draws and inside my closet :S Fun. But itll be better so more space for family when they eventually get here. Aaaaand thats about it :). Now onto quotes..

So im going to take some quotes from spongebob. I just love it soo much that i have to :). KK so this one is from an episode where the employees of the Krusty Krab have to give each other a gift so spongebob knits squidward a sweater out of his eyelashes and squidward rejects it and feels bad so then squidward gets spongebob a "pie" which turns out to be a bomb and spongebob will blow up at sunset soo squidward does everything to make spongebob happy and this is what spongebob says right before sunset. Spongebob: "You know, If i were to die right now, in some sort of fiery explosion due to the carelessness of a friend...Well, that would be ok.  Hahaha then after that the sunset comes and theres an explosion and squidward thinks spongebob is dead but its just spongebob blowing bomb bubbles lol Kk another quote.  This is when spongebob and squidward are in danger and this is what they have to say.  Squidward: " Spongebob, I actually DO like you!"   Spongebob: " Squidward, I used your clarinet to unclog my toilet!"  LOL! ok i think that should be it for this blog cause its long. i will just leave with an edit and get back to my cleaning haha.
This was done on the GIMP software and its just an effect you can do that you can use for a background :) 

 Well i am off soo good byeee xx

Friday, January 28, 2011

No Title..

Hellooo (:

So not much happened today actually. Just woke up and watched tv and vaccuumed...and thats it really so ill just go straight to the quote bits =)

KK so im going to do some song Lyrics todayy. Don't really remember any quotes from what i have watched sooo. Now i got to find a song... *checks ipod songs...* I'm going to use lyrics from the song Fer sure by Medric Droid. goood song that is :) haha
"No JkJkJk Lololol;
I heart your fucking make- up
Omg i love your hair;
Is that a new tattoo?
did that piercing fucking hurt?
No JkJkJk Lololol"
Hahaha. Love that song :). Soo i guess thats it for today I'll just leave with an edit then be on my wayy

Kk thats the edit. It was done on Not the best but very simple :)
KK so gooodbyeee :) xx

Thursday, January 27, 2011



Well there isnt really much to say just the weather is really hot here which i hate -.- and i had tacos and burritos for dinner. NOM NOM

Soo for quotes im going to use lyrics today. I'm going to take Lyrics that are actually from a book which some people have put with a song and it will sound beautiful if it is done in the movie. The lyrics im going to use are just 2 stanzas from the book The Hunger Games. Its a lullaby but im not going to say who or what for dont want to ruin it ;)
"Deep in the meadow, Under the willow
A bed of grass, A soft green pillow
Lay down your head, And close your sleepy eyes
And when again they open, The sun will rise

Here its safe, Heres its warm
Here the daises guard you from every harm
Here your dreams are sweet and tomorrow brings them true
Here is the place where i love you."

Absolutely love that song :).

K well leaving with an edit then going to goo. This edit was done on GIMP. :)
 Afterrr :)
Kk soo going nowww bye bye everyoneee xx

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Jennifers Body :P


So how are we all today? I'm pretty good. Just been lazing around all day. Was quuite hot today. But ah well i was one of the smart people Australia who stayedinside with air conditioning instead of going out to the beach or something and complaining how hot it is and getting sun burnt. Huh.. lol. Anyway yeah id dint do much today and theres not much to say so i guess onto the quotes i goo :)

So today im going to take a quote from a movie called Jennifers Body . Its a really good movie. Anyone who hasnt seen it should see it (: KK So with the quotes first one is when The main girl and her bf are having sex. *Needy starts to make noises like shes in pain* Chip: "Am I hurting you?...Am i too big?"  Hahaha first time ever doing it. But she was making noises cause she was seeing what her friend Jennifer was doing basically. I dont want to spoil anything for the ones who want to watch it. Anyway ill get another line. Kk this ones Jennifer walking into Needys house with Chip there  Jennifer: "It smells like thai food in here. Have you guys been fucking?" Funny how she knows what it smells like haha. KK Last quote :) Jennifer: I think the singer wants me" Needy: Only because he thinks your a virgin. I heard them talking" Jennifer: "Yeah, right. I'm not even a backdoor-virgin anymore, thanks to Roman. By the way, that hurts. I couldn't even go to flags the next day. I had to stay home and sit on a bag of frozen peas" Haha i really love this movie. WATCH IT!

Well good bye everyoneee :) xx
Anyway i better be off now i shall leave with an edit then yes say my goodbyes. This edit was done on picnik. And my hair isnt really that colour but people believe it is hehe.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Hellooo world :)

So today i woke up once again at 4 pm lol. When i woke up it looked hot outside and apparently it was. Tomorrow is meant to be 42.c YAY! lol. Anyway i didnt do much today just chill watching youtube or tv or reading. Then went to the shop to get some dinner and i got a CHEESEBURGER and some good old caramel thick shake. Yummmooo :). Im obsessed with cheeseburgers. They taste soo good these days. But anyway thats all i've really done today soo now onto quotes

Soo today im going to do a few lines from Family Guyyy. Best show! After spongebob ofcourse. This one is going to be from a show they watched taking from the smurf :P
Smurf 1: "Heeey did you have a good tiem last night?"  Smurf 2: "Smurftacular"  Smurf 1: " Yeahh i saw you leave with Smurfette . Smurf 2: "Oh man as soon as we left the bar, she started smurfing me."  Smurf 1: "Oh shut the smurf up!" Smurf 2: "Yeahhh"  Smurf 1: "Right in the smurfing parking lot?!" Smurf 2: "Smurf yeah!"   Smurf 1: "Oh that is figgen smurf" Smurf 2: "Smurfin"  Hahaha smurf talk. Smurf sounds funny now o.o ahh well. I suppose i should leave with a picture of an edit and gooo :) so here it is. An edit of me done on :)

There we goo i shall be going now

Monday, January 24, 2011

Frustration -.-

Helloo (:

Soo today once again woke up at 4pm haha my sleeping pattern isnt back -.- Ah well when dancing starts back it will be back. But That wont be till next week. Still, cant wait :). So what i did today, Nothing really just woke up and watched tv for a while then practised my sumis. And they are frustrating me. I know i can do them i ahve done them a million times but my hands keep going to the ground. And my legs are killing when i land. I sure hope i can do Ballet this year so im lighter on my feet. But anyway so thats pretty much all i did today then basically just watched my show on youtube .

Soo i guess its quotes time. Ithink i might use lyrics again today. I'm going to use lyrics from the song Any Other World by Mika. Soo here goes.
"In Any other world, You could tell the difference
And let it all unfurl, Into broken reminence
Smile like you mean it, And let yourself let go

Cause its all in the hands of a bitter bitter man
Say goodbye to the world oyu thought you lived in
Take a bow, Play the part, of a lonely lonely heart
Say goodbye to the world you thought you lived in
To the world you thought you lived in."

Love that song :) You should all listen to it. Well i gues thats all i will just leave you all with an edit of mine. This one was done on GIMP. I quite like this ine. its a dragon so you know. Lol dragons are awesome ^_^ soo yeah.
Well goodbye and good day to you all :)

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Hey Hey (:

Sooo my events for today. Welll i got woek up by mummy at about 2 pm lol. Then we went to the fish shop so mum could sort out her fish tank and get new rocks and stuffs and i got a new fish gold fish. I named it bubbles because as soon as i let it in the water it went for the bubbles and was like NOM NOM. I love him/ its a pnada goldfish theyre soo cute. i will put up a photo at the end :).  What else did i do todayy? Well i helped mum with the fishtank and caught her 4 fish. The sucking catfish were a big pain the arse -.-. lol.  Then i practised some of my acro. Almost did my back sumi but put my hands down at the last second. -.- annoying. Then there wasnt much else i did. just watch tv and do nothing i guess. and i wont be doing much for the rest of the night. Probably just reading or looking through descriptions of the books i wrote down that have had good reviews or seem interesting (:.

Soo for my quote of the day. Actually I might use a few lines from a book/ book series. I'm going to use a few from The Hunger Games. Absolutely brilliant books. First one.  Katniss: "IF WE BURN YOU BURN WITH US" I guess youlll have to read the book to understand any of these haha ;) but that is a line from Mocking jay. The third book in the series..Ok next one.Cinna: " I always channel my emotions into my work, that way I dont hurt anyone but myself" This one is spoken in Catching fire, The second book of the series. Kk next one and maybe the last one.  Katniss: "You don't forget the face of the person who was your last hope" Okk ill do one more then thats it for the quotes (:  Haymitch: " You've got about as much charm as a slug"  Hahaha i love Haymitch. He makes everything sarcastic -.- lol.

Well i guess thats its for todays blog. Ill just add the photo of my new fishie :) he is so adorable lol.

Goodbye everyoneee xx

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Nanny Nap :)

Hellloooo :)

How are we all today? I am quite tired considering i stayed up all night so i can try get my sleeping pattern back to normal. So now i can say what i did this morning instead of sleep. Well at about 3am i was watching a show called Make It or Break It which is about gymnastics basically so i watched a few episodes of that till about 6ish. Then i was watching tv and playing my iPod for a while until dad eventually woke up nd decided to go shopping to put a deposit on mummys birthday present and then buy the rest of the books i needed for her. It took me a while just to find the 2nd book of the series but then we found it and 3 of the books cost $60 odd where as if we could have gotten them somewhere else where they sell the books it would have been about $30. I told dad this but he didnt listen.

So after the plaza we decided to go to the pub for lunch since mum and dad were going a cruise around the river for their anniversary and it was very Yummy! they had a toy machine with a Brian from family guy dressed as a banana from PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME! and we tried to get it but it was in an awkward spot. D: I WANT THAT TEDDDYY lol. Then after the pub lunch we came home and i relaxed for a bit then when mum and dad left i had a bit of a nanny nap for 2 hours :) but im still tired. so i shall be going to be earlier than 5 am :) haha. After my nap i decided to get a shower to try out this stuff mum got me. its like a styling stuff that you put on wet hair then blow dry it straight but i cant do that well so i also straightened it with a straightner :) and thats all up until now.

So thats pretty much it for today. Thats alot more than what i normally do in a day haha. So now its QUOTE TIME! where should i get a quote from this time. Actually maybe ill use some song lyrics now i need to think of song *checks through song list*. GOT ONE! 
"Where ever you are, You'll be my star
Near or far, You'll always be my one.
Kiss me goodnight, You say its alright
This can't be goodbye, My heart just dies.

Kiss me goodnight, You say its alright
This can't be goodbye, My heart just dies.
Earth is dying, Kids are crying
The plans we made, Just rot away
Absolutely LOVE that song. Its called Fallen Star by Blood On The Dance Floor if yous wanted to know. It's about the singer, Dahvie Vanity's girlfrind dying in a car crash they were in. So that basically sums it up and then just listen to the lyrics and youll catch on.
anyway i have written quite a lot already so im going to add an edit and be done with this post :)
KK so this is my second edit i ever did on the GIMP



Thursday, January 20, 2011

Chores -.-

Good Morning/Afternoon

So today once again i slept in till 4 :P. I guess thats just my routine. I didnt do much when i woke up. I got asked to vaccuum the house and mop so i did my chores then relaxed and went straight onto facebook. And thats pretty much all i've done today. Although it is only 6 in the afternoon i could do something interesting between now and 12 am. but i doubt it. If anything does go on i will be sure to let you all know ;)

So for my quote, I'm going to take a quote from the Harry Potter 7.1 movie. I loved this movie. And there was many quotes that i loved but im going to choose this one. Ron: Oh my god! what am i going to do? My wifes all alone downstairs. ... Harry:..." Ron. You dont have a wife.  Ron: "Oh right."   Hahaha Ron is such an idiot. But we all love him right. Well i suppose this is all i need to say for now. Ill just add another edit. This one is an actual photograph that my very talented cousin, Sarah took. I stole it from her and decided to edit it too :) Heres a link to her blog page .if you like to take photos or  do edits or draw but need some tips she can give you some. She even does some fun facts on anything. So here is my edit (:.

Well goodbye Alll :) xx
Hello Eeveryone :)

So today I had a bit of a sleep in. I didnt wake up until 4 pm :) It was a good sleep. The past 2 nights before I got no sleep or was very uncomfortable so i deserved it. I cleaned up the dinig table a bit before mum got home and it was covered in alot of my brothers stuff -.- typical. So i cleaned that off for mum then when she got home we decided to do a bit of shopping. I bought 2 pairs of shorts for dancing and a pair of board shorts. I love them :). After we did some shopping we decided to go to Hogs Breathe Cafe for dinner. Best Cafe ever! I got the tortalenni with fries and dianne sauce YUMMY. Anyone who comes to Australia should eat here. Best service. Theyre so happy and bubbly.

Anyway once we got home i just relaxed a bit then decided to practice some of my acrobats and then watched some tv. One show i watched was family guy buut im going to add a few lines from spongebob :) This is taken from the episode titled Sandys Rocket. It is a first season episode :) First one: Spongebob: "Hey you got your toothpaste in my peanut butter" ;) Corny and the other line i love. : Sandy: "Sometimes that spongebob is as dumb as a pack of peanutsHahaa so truee and the lastt onee :)  Patrick:" Wow. It sure looks alot like home. Hey looks its Gary. Come here Gary Spongebob: "WAIT! dont go near him Patrick. Cant you see this si all a trick. The aliens are projecting our memories onto the environment. Theyre trying to confuse us Patrick. Patrick: " So you mean to say theyve taken what we thought we think and make us think we thought our thoughts weve been thinking out thoughts we think we thought. I think.
Hahaha gotta love Spongebob and Patrick. Im going to add an edit that i did on It is only one of the sample pictures they have on the site. and its my first proper edit on that site. The other edit in my first blog was used on GIMP.

:) there it iss. Well bye for now. xx

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Hello Everyone :)
So this is my first post and i will just say what i will be inclusing in my other posts from now on :)

So basically i will be talking about my events through the day/ night or anything interesting. I will probably stick some quotes in there from something i may be watching on tv or laptop. There may be some song lyrics that i love or a song i would be listening to or even some good lines or meaning full lines from a book. I love to read and have read 4-5 books this year already. (: I love spongebob so expect nearly every line from that. Theyre always entertaining :) I will also add some things from someone that they may have asked me about anything and will answer in my blog or just a request about something. Will only post if appropriate or if i can easily answer it. :)

At the end of blogs i will even try adding a picture that i have edited. Some of them will be anime other will be of people or scenery. I am not the best and i know that but i just do my best with my ability and knowledge of the things i use. With the anime pictures there will be a before and after picture so you can compare them.
I may just add my very first edit here :)


BYEEE :) xx