Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Hello Everyone :)
So this is my first post and i will just say what i will be inclusing in my other posts from now on :)

So basically i will be talking about my events through the day/ night or anything interesting. I will probably stick some quotes in there from something i may be watching on tv or laptop. There may be some song lyrics that i love or a song i would be listening to or even some good lines or meaning full lines from a book. I love to read and have read 4-5 books this year already. (: I love spongebob so expect nearly every line from that. Theyre always entertaining :) I will also add some things from someone that they may have asked me about anything and will answer in my blog or just a request about something. Will only post if appropriate or if i can easily answer it. :)

At the end of blogs i will even try adding a picture that i have edited. Some of them will be anime other will be of people or scenery. I am not the best and i know that but i just do my best with my ability and knowledge of the things i use. With the anime pictures there will be a before and after picture so you can compare them.
I may just add my very first edit here :)


BYEEE :) xx