Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hello Eeveryone :)

So today I had a bit of a sleep in. I didnt wake up until 4 pm :) It was a good sleep. The past 2 nights before I got no sleep or was very uncomfortable so i deserved it. I cleaned up the dinig table a bit before mum got home and it was covered in alot of my brothers stuff -.- typical. So i cleaned that off for mum then when she got home we decided to do a bit of shopping. I bought 2 pairs of shorts for dancing and a pair of board shorts. I love them :). After we did some shopping we decided to go to Hogs Breathe Cafe for dinner. Best Cafe ever! I got the tortalenni with fries and dianne sauce YUMMY. Anyone who comes to Australia should eat here. Best service. Theyre so happy and bubbly.

Anyway once we got home i just relaxed a bit then decided to practice some of my acrobats and then watched some tv. One show i watched was family guy buut im going to add a few lines from spongebob :) This is taken from the episode titled Sandys Rocket. It is a first season episode :) First one: Spongebob: "Hey you got your toothpaste in my peanut butter" ;) Corny and the other line i love. : Sandy: "Sometimes that spongebob is as dumb as a pack of peanutsHahaa so truee and the lastt onee :)  Patrick:" Wow. It sure looks alot like home. Hey looks its Gary. Come here Gary Spongebob: "WAIT! dont go near him Patrick. Cant you see this si all a trick. The aliens are projecting our memories onto the environment. Theyre trying to confuse us Patrick. Patrick: " So you mean to say theyve taken what we thought we think and make us think we thought our thoughts weve been thinking out thoughts we think we thought. I think.
Hahaha gotta love Spongebob and Patrick. Im going to add an edit that i did on It is only one of the sample pictures they have on the site. and its my first proper edit on that site. The other edit in my first blog was used on GIMP.

:) there it iss. Well bye for now. xx

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