Friday, January 28, 2011

No Title..

Hellooo (:

So not much happened today actually. Just woke up and watched tv and vaccuumed...and thats it really so ill just go straight to the quote bits =)

KK so im going to do some song Lyrics todayy. Don't really remember any quotes from what i have watched sooo. Now i got to find a song... *checks ipod songs...* I'm going to use lyrics from the song Fer sure by Medric Droid. goood song that is :) haha
"No JkJkJk Lololol;
I heart your fucking make- up
Omg i love your hair;
Is that a new tattoo?
did that piercing fucking hurt?
No JkJkJk Lololol"
Hahaha. Love that song :). Soo i guess thats it for today I'll just leave with an edit then be on my wayy

Kk thats the edit. It was done on Not the best but very simple :)
KK so gooodbyeee :) xx