Monday, January 31, 2011



Soo i didnt do much today and there isnt much to talk to about soo im going to go straight to the next bit. Instead of doing a quote or song lyrics or lines from a book im going to a book review.

Im Going to a review on the Evernight series. I just finished the last book thats out and i was pleased. First i'll talk about the first book Evernight. So this book starts out with a normal girl, Bianca attending a strange school called Evernight Academy. She meets a normal guy, Lucas who doesnt seem he should go to this school and they eventually get along until he finds out she is a "Vampire". But he looks past that and they fall in love (ofcourse). At the end of the book it turns out that Lucas is part of an organization called Black Cross is which a vampire hunters group and he leaves the Academy.
In the next book, Stargazer, Bianca is still at the school but she keeps getting haunted by wraiths, or ghost. These wraithst are meant to be afraid of vampires but wherever Bianca is they always interrupt something good happening to her.
When bianca is out one day meeting up with Lucas another vampire comes along which turns out to be her friend Balthazar's sister. Bianca tells him about this vampire and thats when they realise it is his sister and he comes up with the plan for Bianca and him to pretend to be together so he can take her off campus to look for his sister and she can meet up with Lucas. On one of the outings Bianca and Lucas split up until Blathazar's sister sets up the Black Cross and they come to burn down the school which is the only thing that can really kill a vampire. Lucas saves Bianca and takes her to the Black Cross where no one in the group knows shes a vampire.

In the third book Bianca is hanging and traning with the Black Cross until one of their friends finds out she is a vampire and they banish her and Lucas from the group and they set out on their own trying to get money then they meet up with an old friend Vic from Evernight who lets them use his basement while they are on holiday. A few weeks before they left Bianca started to get dizzy spells and sharp pains in her stomache and fainting alot. They suspect she was pregnant but turns out she wasnt and im not going to say what happens ;) haha. So all in all it was a good book series and very unexpecting at the end. But i would suggest it to people to read :)...If i had more people other than my cousin and her friend -.- thank you :) but still FOLLOW ME OR GET PEOPLE TO FOLLOW ME! haha kk gunna add an edit then go :)
So these are done on GIMP. I think theyre cute :)

KK so im going to go now byeeee :) xx


  1. Those books sound rather interesting. (:

  2. haha they are put them on your list :)