Sunday, January 30, 2011


Heellooo :)

Soo as of today I'm going to be using the same colour writing for each paragraph. I cant be bothered to find diff colours anymore. But i didnt do much today. Was meant to go to the beach but i was feeling sick when i woke up and was soo tired that i stayed home. Then got woken up twice. once at 9 and then again at 2:30 But i actually got up at 2:30 to go shopping with mummy. and i havnt been ding much since just watching tv and reading i guess.. So i will go onto quotes now :)

I'm going to take quotes from an episode of Two and a half men. Jake has snuck out and Charlie is drunk on the front porch and cant get it cause hes stupid haha. Im just going to do the whole scene from when Jake gets home. :)    Charlie: Heeeey Look whose here!  Jake: Shhh. Keep it down! Charlie:  Right, We don't want to wake me... Jake: What are you doing sitting out here? Charlie: I can't stand up.. Don't make a thing out of it...What are you doing?   Jake:  I snuck out to see a concert.. Charlie: No way! That is soo cool *Charlie stands up* Ok, Third times the charm. Hey you wanna know what else is cool *starts rattling coins in his pocket and sings a christmas carol*  Jake: Shh  Charlie: "Hey im caroling here, You should be bringing me cocoa and gingerbread  Jake: Cocoa and ginger bread?  Charlie: Yeah....Where were we? Jake:  My dad doesnt know i went out so now i need to sneak back in Charlie:  Oh..well then you certainly dont wanna go through.. this door!" Jake: "Why not?"   Charlie: "Why not? I'll tell you why not............What? Jake: WHy nott?  Charlie:WHy not what?  Jake: Why cant i go through that door?  Charlie: Oh. well why didnt you say so? If i know youre dad..and sadly i do,  He is sitting in there right now just waiting to tie you to a rock and throw you in the ocean.  Jake: What?  Charlie: Sorry, I may have put the idea in his head...Follow me.  Jake: Where are we going? Charlie: Hey, Ill answer the questions....Where are we going? *Charlie jumps through a window then helps jake through.* Charlie: I'm okay  Jake: Thats great but your sitting on my head. *door opens and light turns on and Allan is in the doorway*  Allan: Do you have any idea how much trouble you're in?  Charlie: No i do not. Do you have any idea how beautiful you look in that light?  Allan: Im not talking to you.  Charlie: Yeah well im not talking to you either. Except for right now. This is me talking to you. But no longer. *does poppy noise with his mouth and finger*  Allan: Would you please just.. go to sleep!   Charlie: Okie dokie *grabs pillow and lies on the floor.*   Allan: You and I have some talking to do  *charlie pops back up* Charlie: Will you make up your fricken mind!
Haha i especially love the bit when Allan comes in. haha well anyway i had better go and i wont be leaving an edit today this is already long enough hahaha. sooo Bye everyonee! xx


  1. Lmao! I love two and a half men. <3

  2. Haha that episode has been on 3 nights in a row so i decided to use that whole quote bit :). I never watched it until sorta now caus eits always on so yeah Its growing on me.