Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ahh lazy day.


Doing my blog early today so i can finish my book. Should have finished it by now -.- But ahh welll. So didnt do much. Friends went home and ive been relaxing all day so yeah..and i am tired. and still sore but ahh well thats the love of Ballet :).
So yeah onto quotes for now. so shall yea do that then see what happens.

So im going to do a few quotes or bits from the movie Tangled which i watched last night,
Rapunzel: Something brought you here, Flynn Rider. Call it what you will... Fate... Destiny...
Flynn Rider: A horse?
Hahaha. Funny. You need to see this movie if you havent.
Flynn Rider: You smell that? Take a deep breath through the nose. *Breathes through nose*
Really let that seep in. What are you getting? Because to me, that's part man-smell, and the other part is really bad man-smell. I don't know why, but overall it just smells like the color brown. Your thoughts?
Haha smells like brown? What the? haha KK next quote
Mother Gothel: Look in that mirror. I see a strong, confident, beautiful young lady.
*Rapunzel smiles* 
Oh look, you're here too.
Haha what a lovely mother. Kk one more cause this is a great movie :)
Rapunzel: So mother, earlier I was saying tomorrow is a really big day, and you didn't really respond, so I'm just gonna tell you: IT'S MY BIRTHDAY! Tada!
Mother Gothel: No no no, can't be. I distinctly remember, your birthday was last year.
Haha. What an idiot mother. Like i said you need to this movie if you havent :).  Soo you know. GO WATCH IT :D. haha anywhooo i will leave with en edit and be on my way...if i have one to leavee...OH I found one :). Its from GIMP. so yeah i shall leave that and you knwo the rest..

kk so thats it..
bye bye XX


  1. Ahh cute! The pink hair and red shirt clash a bit though.. o.O XD

  2. Its a dress -.- And i wouldnt say its red. more like a maroony but not quite you know? Kinda inbetween. And any other colour for it would ahve looked weird to me. Just for the style of it. And the yellowey gold goes good with the red. And cause shes little i thought pink. SO NER hhaha