Tuesday, February 15, 2011

:/ oops.


So im doing this early cause i just realised that i missed a day yesterday oops. haha
but didnt do much today. Just slept and had dancing and now at home lazing around watching tv :P haha. I hope my cousin got to Scotland alright.  Her internet stuffed up while she was on the train. Well the train internet did anyway. Soo yeah and shes not online now. So im hoping shes all good and dint get kidnapped haha.
Well on to quotes bits..

Soo im thinking of doing some lyrics because im lazy atm and cbf to think of a movie/show soooo..
Im going to do the song Come with me by Special D. tis a good song.
At the end of every week
Each one of us becomes a freak
Tonight the DJ makes us move
Under the sweat drop from the roof

Each time you make the bass beat hard
To know we all spend now apart
Just activate your energy
Lets sing this song and Come With Me

Tis a good sooong like i said.
So now onto the picture..if i find one :/
So i found oneee :) ! This is done on GIMP. so enjoyy

Ookk soo byeeee xxx


  1. I got here fine!! :D Also, love the edit.

  2. haha woo. Okay now i know :). Haha why thank you. So no tips for that one? or anything.? Although the bg is a bit retarded to me now. But ah well haha.