Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Hellooo everyone (:

Sooo my birthday is coming to an end D: ahh well ill have another one in a year :) And i should be having people coming over next weekend. I didnt get much. I got my iPod as an early birthday late christmas cause dad wanted to get me something extra so i said iPod for both. And mum bought me the Evernight series as i borrowed my friends book so she bought me my own :D. And i got a box of chocolates from next door neighbours. I wont be seeing friends for a week so lets see if they got me anything. And family overseas and my uncle and aunty who live 4 hours away have sent their stuff but not here yet. Soo i have to wait for them but all in all its been a good birthday, :) Buuttt its been bad luck for Queensland. They had flood during december, they still have the floods but slowely going down. And now further up in townsville there is a cyclone waiting to happen. Theres strong winds which are going to get stronger and the waters have high waves and stuffs getting destroyed not much at the moment. But they say that the actual cyclone will hit soon. Those poor people. But seriously what did Queensland do to you mother nature?

So now onot quotes. I'm going to take a few quotes from Finding Nemo since it is the best movie EVAR! i mnight watch it now :) lol. KK so first one. Dory has just found Nemo...
Nemo: My names Nemo :).  Dory: :O NEMO!....Thats a nice name :).  Hahahaha gotta love Dory :) ok another line which is right afterwards when Nemo is looking for his dad.  Both: DAADD! DAAAAAAD!  Dory: Wait are we looking for your dad or my dad? Nemo: My Dad -.-. Dory: Oh ok....DAAAD! hahaha shes such an idiot. KK another line when Nemo is angry at his dead is swimming out to sea! Seahorse: Oh oh sandy plankton told me what it was. he said it was uh uh he said it was called uh A BUTT!  Kids: Woahh... Fish: Thats a pretty big butt!   *skip to when Nemo is out into the sea* Marlin: Nemo! dont you dare touch that boat!!  *Nemo touches the boat* Fish: :O. He touched the butt!  Haha those lil kiddies are funny :). KK so thats it for now i will leave with another edit done on GIMP. I need to geta ll my picnik edits from facebook i only saved a few on computer.

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