Thursday, February 3, 2011

Fun Assignments :)

Hellooo :)

Soo im a bit late with my blog today but ahh well. I havnt really done much today anyway. I om in this site called shelfari where you add books youve read or reading or plan to read. You can join groups and ive joined a group called Hogwarts. In this group you go into a discusiion to get sorted into your house and im in Hufflepuff -.-. I didnt want to be Hufflepuff. But ahh well i made an imaginary friends so im not stuck with a sparkly vampire :P. Anyway with this you click onto other discussions labeled under a class and ive joined Care Of Magical Creatures and Charms so far. With the classes they have assignments listed down and you need to do them and theres extra credit bits and tests aswell. In care of magical creatures my first assignment was to pick my fav magical creature and write about it basically. Isnt that the best assignment you could get :). It only had to be atleast 100 words. So i completed that in about 5 mins. YAY lol.. anyway onto quotes :)

So im going to take a few lines from Lion King since i watched it last night and im going to do one of my favourite bits haha.
*pumba and Timon are sleeping and Nala comes along and goes right into Timons face and starts trying to wake him up. Timon wakes up and starts screaming then Pumba starts screaming....*  Nala: Hey hey its okay its me!  Timon: Dont ever do that again. Carnivors ughh!  Nala: Have you guys seen Simba? Timon: I thought he was with you? Nala: He was but now i cant find him, where is he?  Rafiki: ohohhahaha. You wont find him here haha! The king has returned  Nala: Icant believe it! Hes gone back! Timon: Gone back? What do you mean? Hey! Whats going on here? Whos the Monkey? Nala: Simbas gone back to challenge scar.  Timon: Who?  Nala: Scar!  Pumba: Whos got a scar?  Nala: hisNo no no its  uncle.  Timon: The monkeys his uncle?  Nala: NO! Simbas gone back to challenge his uncle to take his place as king  Timon &Pumba: Ooohhhhh.
hahaha i love that bit. I have another line from Spongebob. Him and Patrick and Squidward are at the dump getting Mr.Krabs mattress back. Its only a small line but its funny. kk soo..
*Spongebob, Squidward and Patrick are standing at the front gates of the dump* Patrck: Wow what a dump! hehe its only small like i said but its still funny cause hes an idiot :P KK well going to add the edit. Will be another one from GIMP as i havnt gotten the other photos from facebook yet. So here we go :) I thought to add the dragon since i talks about dragons in my lil assignment haha.


  1. You needs to cut slower and more precisely. :P

    You knew this was coming.. XD

    But seriously, the smaller the lines, the longer it takes, the neater it looks.


  2. Nala: No no no its his uncle!** even haha. Stupid thing going all jumbly

  3. and haha yes i knew it was coming. I was rushing with that one kk haha
    and i was actually doing small lines but i was rushing like i said.