Sunday, January 23, 2011


Hey Hey (:

Sooo my events for today. Welll i got woek up by mummy at about 2 pm lol. Then we went to the fish shop so mum could sort out her fish tank and get new rocks and stuffs and i got a new fish gold fish. I named it bubbles because as soon as i let it in the water it went for the bubbles and was like NOM NOM. I love him/ its a pnada goldfish theyre soo cute. i will put up a photo at the end :).  What else did i do todayy? Well i helped mum with the fishtank and caught her 4 fish. The sucking catfish were a big pain the arse -.-. lol.  Then i practised some of my acro. Almost did my back sumi but put my hands down at the last second. -.- annoying. Then there wasnt much else i did. just watch tv and do nothing i guess. and i wont be doing much for the rest of the night. Probably just reading or looking through descriptions of the books i wrote down that have had good reviews or seem interesting (:.

Soo for my quote of the day. Actually I might use a few lines from a book/ book series. I'm going to use a few from The Hunger Games. Absolutely brilliant books. First one.  Katniss: "IF WE BURN YOU BURN WITH US" I guess youlll have to read the book to understand any of these haha ;) but that is a line from Mocking jay. The third book in the series..Ok next one.Cinna: " I always channel my emotions into my work, that way I dont hurt anyone but myself" This one is spoken in Catching fire, The second book of the series. Kk next one and maybe the last one.  Katniss: "You don't forget the face of the person who was your last hope" Okk ill do one more then thats it for the quotes (:  Haymitch: " You've got about as much charm as a slug"  Hahaha i love Haymitch. He makes everything sarcastic -.- lol.

Well i guess thats its for todays blog. Ill just add the photo of my new fishie :) he is so adorable lol.

Goodbye everyoneee xx


  1. I know isnt he ^_^ I was going to name him squeeks but since he went straight to the bubbles i thought yeah bubbles :)