Saturday, January 22, 2011

Nanny Nap :)

Hellloooo :)

How are we all today? I am quite tired considering i stayed up all night so i can try get my sleeping pattern back to normal. So now i can say what i did this morning instead of sleep. Well at about 3am i was watching a show called Make It or Break It which is about gymnastics basically so i watched a few episodes of that till about 6ish. Then i was watching tv and playing my iPod for a while until dad eventually woke up nd decided to go shopping to put a deposit on mummys birthday present and then buy the rest of the books i needed for her. It took me a while just to find the 2nd book of the series but then we found it and 3 of the books cost $60 odd where as if we could have gotten them somewhere else where they sell the books it would have been about $30. I told dad this but he didnt listen.

So after the plaza we decided to go to the pub for lunch since mum and dad were going a cruise around the river for their anniversary and it was very Yummy! they had a toy machine with a Brian from family guy dressed as a banana from PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME! and we tried to get it but it was in an awkward spot. D: I WANT THAT TEDDDYY lol. Then after the pub lunch we came home and i relaxed for a bit then when mum and dad left i had a bit of a nanny nap for 2 hours :) but im still tired. so i shall be going to be earlier than 5 am :) haha. After my nap i decided to get a shower to try out this stuff mum got me. its like a styling stuff that you put on wet hair then blow dry it straight but i cant do that well so i also straightened it with a straightner :) and thats all up until now.

So thats pretty much it for today. Thats alot more than what i normally do in a day haha. So now its QUOTE TIME! where should i get a quote from this time. Actually maybe ill use some song lyrics now i need to think of song *checks through song list*. GOT ONE! 
"Where ever you are, You'll be my star
Near or far, You'll always be my one.
Kiss me goodnight, You say its alright
This can't be goodbye, My heart just dies.

Kiss me goodnight, You say its alright
This can't be goodbye, My heart just dies.
Earth is dying, Kids are crying
The plans we made, Just rot away
Absolutely LOVE that song. Its called Fallen Star by Blood On The Dance Floor if yous wanted to know. It's about the singer, Dahvie Vanity's girlfrind dying in a car crash they were in. So that basically sums it up and then just listen to the lyrics and youll catch on.
anyway i have written quite a lot already so im going to add an edit and be done with this post :)
KK so this is my second edit i ever did on the GIMP




  1. As dad would say. You dirty stop out. XD

    Sounds like an interesting day though. (:

  2. haha im a dirty stop out? how? hahaha
    it was an interesting day. i seriously did want that Brian but. Its like a must have thing! hahaha i will get it one day. we were trying to pay the worker $10 to get it out of the machine like open it. but yeah we need the actual company person to do it :(