Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Hellooo world :)

So today i woke up once again at 4 pm lol. When i woke up it looked hot outside and apparently it was. Tomorrow is meant to be 42.c YAY! lol. Anyway i didnt do much today just chill watching youtube or tv or reading. Then went to the shop to get some dinner and i got a CHEESEBURGER and some good old caramel thick shake. Yummmooo :). Im obsessed with cheeseburgers. They taste soo good these days. But anyway thats all i've really done today soo now onto quotes

Soo today im going to do a few lines from Family Guyyy. Best show! After spongebob ofcourse. This one is going to be from a show they watched taking from the smurf :P
Smurf 1: "Heeey did you have a good tiem last night?"  Smurf 2: "Smurftacular"  Smurf 1: " Yeahh i saw you leave with Smurfette . Smurf 2: "Oh man as soon as we left the bar, she started smurfing me."  Smurf 1: "Oh shut the smurf up!" Smurf 2: "Yeahhh"  Smurf 1: "Right in the smurfing parking lot?!" Smurf 2: "Smurf yeah!"   Smurf 1: "Oh that is figgen smurf" Smurf 2: "Smurfin"  Hahaha smurf talk. Smurf sounds funny now o.o ahh well. I suppose i should leave with a picture of an edit and gooo :) so here it is. An edit of me done on picnik.com :)

There we goo i shall be going now