Thursday, January 20, 2011

Chores -.-

Good Morning/Afternoon

So today once again i slept in till 4 :P. I guess thats just my routine. I didnt do much when i woke up. I got asked to vaccuum the house and mop so i did my chores then relaxed and went straight onto facebook. And thats pretty much all i've done today. Although it is only 6 in the afternoon i could do something interesting between now and 12 am. but i doubt it. If anything does go on i will be sure to let you all know ;)

So for my quote, I'm going to take a quote from the Harry Potter 7.1 movie. I loved this movie. And there was many quotes that i loved but im going to choose this one. Ron: Oh my god! what am i going to do? My wifes all alone downstairs. ... Harry:..." Ron. You dont have a wife.  Ron: "Oh right."   Hahaha Ron is such an idiot. But we all love him right. Well i suppose this is all i need to say for now. Ill just add another edit. This one is an actual photograph that my very talented cousin, Sarah took. I stole it from her and decided to edit it too :) Heres a link to her blog page .if you like to take photos or  do edits or draw but need some tips she can give you some. She even does some fun facts on anything. So here is my edit (:.

Well goodbye Alll :) xx


  1. Thanks for the mention. ;D I LOVE that Harry Potter Quote! XD <3

  2. hahahah so do i :) thats why i did that one.