Friday, February 4, 2011

Boneyard Aesthetic

Hellooo (:

Soo today i went to The Lucky Australian. which is a very dodgy bar may i add. They have topless night o.o Kinda creepy. I walked around the corner and there was a chick with practically no clothes on. soo that was weird. But anyway i mainly went to go to my brothers bands first gig. They were performing for the floods in Queensland. They were up first and my brother was a bit nervouse but they did great!. Hopefully they do become big and everything. Theyre a metal band so not many people would like them. Well not many that i would know anyway. But anywayy for the next 18 hours im watching Spongebob :D how awesome lol. So anyway im going to go onto quotes bit.

I think i might get a feww book lines today. Havnt done any of them for ages. Im going to take atleast one line from each book of the Harry Potter. It may be funny or serious...depends which one is the best hehe :).
Dumbledore: What happened down in the dungeon between you and Professor Quirrell is a complete secret. So, naturally, the whole school knows.
Dobby: Dobby is very sorry, Dobby had to iron his own hands.
Sirius: The tail i can live with, But the fleas....theyre murder -.-
Fred Weasley: Anyone can speak Troll, All you have to do is point and grunt
Madam Pomfrey: Thought could leave deeper scarring than almost anything else.
Molly: What is your dearest Ambition? Arthur: To find out how aeroplanes stay up!
*Hermione and Ron are kissing* Harry: Oi! theres a war going on here!
KK thats them done. I think some are actually from the movie but ahh well. :). ahaha soo now onto my edit. Again from GIMP. :).

KK i shall be on my way now. Byeee :) xx


  1. WOO Harry Potter! <3

    Also, tell David I said he did superbly! (:

    And awesome edit.

  2. Haha i know right!

    And how would you know. You werent there :P haha nahh we have videos of it. And Jays dad got all of it. so it miht be on facebook soon :)

    And thank you :) No lectures?? haha xx

  3. haha yeahh and i had my reasons :)