Saturday, February 5, 2011

Helloo everyone :)

Yeah not much to say today, just that its really hot these days. Even at nights its about 25 or hotter. -.- anyway on to quotes..

Soo im going to take some quotes from Bring it on : 4. Since i am watching that right now. First quote is when The Shark first arrive at the cheer camp
Ruben: Daaamn we gunna have some fun! Carson: Fun? do think east coast are here to have fun, NO! so no fun!  Ruben: Kk i wont use the 'F' word anymore!
haha i love Ruben :). KK next quote is when Brooke and Chelsea are talking to Penn about dating Carson (since theyre on different squads) Chelsea: Shes like your sworm emeny! I swear it! LOL! shes so dumb. Next one is when the Sharks have the spirit stick and theyre goth friend adds water earth fire and air then this is what she says.. Sarah: You know what this really needs to pop? The blood of a virgin *everyone looks at carson smirking* Carson: Why are you all looking at me? Sarah: Come on Carson, Its just a lil pin prick. Ruben: If she could take a lil prick, she wouldnt be a virgin. hehehe. Ruben is funny. So this one isnt a quote but its still funny lol. *Ruben goes down a slide and when he hits the water his bordies come off* heheh. If you havnt seen this movie yous should :). lol.  KK so yeah thats it for the quotes cause thats pretty much all im up to and havnt seen it in a while so dont remember all the funny quotes. So i shall just add an edit and be on my wayy :).
KK so thats the edits. Hvae fun everyone! Byeee xx


  1. :) thank youu No lecture for this one? Just tell me on msn. itll help me improve :)