Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Heelloo everyone :)

Sooo today i started back at dancing woo!. Was soo good. Saw everyone again and attempted my sumis again. I did it once with Jade just doing nothing basically. And the others times i didnt wanna get hurt from going low or i felt crooked. But anywayy yeah stretching hurt and contortion hurt. But it felt good. :) lol. so yeahh theres not much else to talk about soo onto quotes :).

So the first quote is going to be from the book Evermore havnt completed it yet so going to do this one line that made me lol haha.
Miles: You do realise your giving away the chance at losing your virginity. Hahaha. Funny.Kk so the next bit  is going to be from Madagascar 2. Obviously most of them Julian haha.
Julian: UNtil i return from the new country, Stevie will be in charge *Gecko licks his eye...quiet* Maurice: I dont think they like that idea so much. Julian: Oh whats that stevie? *Stevie starts licking his ear and Julian starts giggling the GASPS!* No you didnt just say that, thats impossible!!. You Naughty little thing! Stevie just said *speaks jiberish* Haha Julians awesome. Now this next line is from Pneguins of Madagascar. In this episode Mort is so obsessed with touching Julians feet but tries to resist then he gets the penguins help to make him hate them which he eventually does and Julian is in trouble and Mort ggets a rope around his feet and hes worred then... Julian: I give you permission to touch the feet, just touch them already, COME ON! hug them love them just grab the feet!. *Mort grabs the feet* Mort: Yey ^_^. *after this Julians gets rid of the no touching of the feet policy then Mort goes to touch his feet* Julian: DO NOT TOUCH THE FEET! ...Oh ok go ahead!. Hahaha. Its a you have to watch thing. Its so much funnier. But anyway yeah thats it for now. Ill just add the edit and be on mah wayyyy :).

Kk going now byeee xx

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