Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sore -.-


I didnt do much today. Was meant to do some more of mums invitations. But i wasnt bothered haha. And im also sore from dancing last night. Just one arm a few bits of my back and a lil bit of my belly and legs. Aaaand my chin from contortion bashing it on the box trying to do a stretch-.- but ot my whole body is sore thank god -.-.  But this laptop cord is PISSING! me off so much -.- It falls out every 2 mins. if im lucky. and i wont even move the laptop for it to fall out. But with the universal pack there was 2 for my laptop but one was too small the other too big -.-. Anyway not much to talk about so onto quotes

So today im stuck on what quotes to do... Soo instead im thinking of doing a book review again. I think i might do a review on Nightshade By Andrea Cremer, since i just finished reading it a few days ago. So here goes.
So, this book is about wolves. I think first book ive read without vampires in it aswell as wolves :D But there are succubbi (angels basically but evil). The main is called Cal or Cala or Lily haha. She is the alpha of her pack called the Nightshades. Her "to be" Husband is called Ren and he calls her Lily. He is the alpha of the Wolfbane pack. By history and laws for the Gardians (wolves) and the Keepers (basically the government of the gardians) the Keepers choose the alphas "mate". They have a Union which is the wedding of the two alphas where the two packs will come together to for a new pack.
At the beginning of the book however Cal saves a human boy from a bear and saves his life. He ends up going to their school where Cal is asked to look after him and not spill the secret out to him about wolves, Which he already knows. The keepers dont know she saved this boy life by letting him drink her blood to strengthen him. At the Union the alphas have to kill in wolf form to make it official but Cal doesnt end up going through with her wedding (she gets called in by her packmates to enter like with a piano the bride enters) because she knows who they have to kill and she loves them too much to go through with it so she takes them and runs away with them where they get taken. And thats pretty much it. Dont want to ruin too much.
So im going to leave with an edit and goo :). This is my cousin Sarah. She let me put this up. But I edited it. so yeahh :)

Welll byeeee :) xx


  1. RAWR!! I'll have to read that book me thinks.

  2. RAWR! I think you should :). It gets a bit confusing at but then you figure it out.