Monday, February 7, 2011



Soo not much happened today actually. Just more invitation making. So yeah i suppose just straight to the quotes i guesss :).

Soo first im going to take a line from suite life of zack and cody since its on my mind :)
Cody: How could you lose a horse? *Arwin looks under his bed* Arwin: I didn't lose it..I mis placed it. *Arwin looks under his desk and under other very low appliances* Hehe hes such an idiot -.-. Lol kk next ones from suite lifr again
*London walks in singing and clapping* Maddi: London! Where ahve you been? London: No where. Maddi: Really? London: Really :) Maddi: Oh cause it seems like your coming from somewhere. *London Run to the elevator and Maddi catches her* Like a store maybee! London: I just went for a stroll, getting some fresh air, enjoying nature *fratically pushes the elevator button* After all the best things in life are free. *walks around Maddi to the elevator doors* Maddi: Spread em tutts! *London presses against the door while Maddi checks her for any bought items* Mmm your clean. London: Told ya :D *elevator doors open and London falls through onto the floor. Hahaha i gues that should be it for quotes or ill take up 2 pages just on suite life. I lovee this showw :) haha
kk so now onto the edits. this one is from picnik. The photography is obviously done by my talented cousin Sarah evans. And i did the editing :).

KK soooo bye bye everyoneee :)

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