Sunday, February 6, 2011

Invitations -.-

Heellooo :)

Soo today i had to help my mum make invitations and she was a pain the butt. She was saying one thing and i would do that then she was saying it was wrong -.- Seriously. Hahaha anywho so i noticed my last post didnt have a heading but ahh well lol this one does :). But yes not much more i want to sayy so onto quotes bit :)

So im thinking of doing song lyrics. I havnt been watching much tv. And i cant think of any good quotes soo music lyrics sound good to me today :). Im going to do lyrics from the song Breathe Me by Sia
Help! I have done it again
I have been here many times beforee
Hurt myself today.
And the worst part is theres no one else to blame

Be my friend,
Hold me,Wrap me up
Unfold me, I am small
And needy, Warm me up
And Breathe Me.
I do love that song. Its a very nice song :) But anyway yes. not much else to talk about so an edit again then going. Agin the edit is from GIMP.



  1. Lecture time~ Well.. More like tip. Firstly, the cutting isn't very tidy, haha. :P And also, the girl on the right. Her hair doesn't look very natural.. o.o So yeah.. Otherwise, its good. (:

  2. oh yeah that cutting was caise i was going around the whole picture of the girls so i can copy and paste them to the bg.. And the girls hair i wanted it to be different from the other and other colours were a bit weird and yuck so that was the best one i could find that was different and niceish.